About ABIC

Driving Collaboration in Biomedical Instrumentation to Improve Health

Biomedical instrumentation plays a critical and increasing role, albeit invisible to most people, in the healthcare industry by enabling more accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and earlier intervention and prevention capabilities. Advancing the development of cutting-edge medical devices, actuators and sensors requires collaboration among talented scientists, engineers and clinicians, as well as an environment that facilitates the commercialisation of research results into real-world applications that are accessible to a broader population.

The mission of the Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation Centre is to accelerate progress in translating advanced biomedical instrumentation from research and development into real-world healthcare solutions that benefit people in Hong Kong and around the world. The Centre aims to foster collaboration among top-notch engineers, scientists and clinicians in the US and Hong Kong to develop next-generation microfluidics and low-cost instrumentation technologies. It also takes advantage of Hong Kong’ s vibrant start-up community to commercialise the research work tailored for Asian patients.

The Centre's R&D activities will focus on four high-potential research programme:

  • Affordable Screening Tests: promote rapid and low-cost diagnostic tests for early disease detection
  • Precision Companion Diagnostics: develop new insights into disease causation to enable precision treatments
  • Strategic Therapeutic Approaches: enable treatments that require new delivery strategies
  • Advanced Medical Device Components: novel medical devices for disease management that require advanced components

The Centre will also serve as fertile ground to nurture Hong Kong’s “rising stars” and groom the next generation of researchers, who will lead research programmes sustainably into the future.

The collaboration between HKU and Harvard SEAS will facilitate design of devices and treatments that will impact healthcare in Asia and worldwide, as well as leverage Hong Kong’ s strategic location in the Greater Bay Area with its unique industrial scene and opportunities to develop and commercialise our R&D efforts.

Professor Anderson Shum,
Centre Director, and

Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Hong Kong